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little miss nuttle was hit in the cunttle with a bottle and now she walks with a waddle.

i had a meeting with my doctor yesterday during school. i was a bit under the influence, so i was a little nervous. i don't think she could tell, though. i hope. ... i guess i'll know if the next time i go, she wants to piss test me. yah.. so that's probably not going to happen.
any fucking way.
we talked about realashionships. she always wants to talk to me about that. i don't like talking about it. damn. hah... i guess that's the fucking point of the hole phyciatrist thing, though. aah well.
then i went to work. from 4 - 9. i was scheduled until 10, but sam let me leave.
then kevin and christina and joel picked me up. and we went to joels house. smoked. and talked. and went home at 11:30. watched some weird ass movie on t.v. and went to sleep.

i don't know why i just wrote out my entire day. wait. yes i do.

good day
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