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New Character:

Hey, I'm Forrest. I'm getting into glamness and I know that I can't ever be perfect. I'm okay with my imperfections. Such as I spit, I burp, I'm outspoken, I get in trouble all the time...

I'm what my town calls a "badass" even though I'm not.(Hence we have the smallest town ever.)

To liven this place up I have some pictures.

My unoriginalness shows through now.

I know this isn't flattering, but it shows my makeup somewhat.

I turn into a librarian with my glasses on. It amuses me greatly.

Showing off my lipgloss.

Showing off my discman.

Okay, done with whoring myself to the camera.
I listen to:
Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Mest, Silverchair, Gob, Bombshell Crush, My Chemical Romance, The Used, The Casualties, The Clash, The Cure, Bright Eyes, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Green Day, Blink 182, Bowling For Soup, Man of the Hour, Adelphi, Hellogoodbye, Home Grown, AFI, Avenged Sevenfold... basically a mix of a lot of different genres.
I read:
Anything Mercedes Lackey or Stephen King. I might try some other authors once they are suggested.
I have:
Eleven pairs of shoes, millions of bracelets, two rings, my left ear pierced, my kitten, my horse, my CDs, my bass, my acoustic guitar.
I'll end it at that.

[x] Forrest
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